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Seirin Acupuncture Needles

Jul 19, 2023
Seirin Acupuncture Needles
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SEIRIN® acupuncture needles have been the worldwide leader in painless acupuncture needles since 1978 when they developed the first single-use disposable acupuncture needle. SEIRIN has set the standard for quality, innovation and safety by combining state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with stringent processes and controls, ensuring you get the highest quality needle available in the world. Each needle is made of surgical stainless steel, machine sharpened and polished, with easy grip color-coded handles for easy gauge identification, and rounded ends on insertion tubes for patient comfort.

SEIRIN is determined to manufacture needles that are reliable and will offer you and your patients peace of mind.

SEIRIN controls every aspect of needle manufacturing in-house so we are confident to ensure the quality of every needle we produce.

Needles are made with SEIRIN’s unique stainless steel wire

Manufacturing of all SEIRIN needles is conducted using high quality stainless steel that is manufactured in Japan to our rigorous quality standards.

Straightening technology controllable by 0.001 mm unit

Our Straightening technology allows us to control the precision of many aspects of manufacturing including exactness of needle diameter and straightness. This technology helps to ensure our quality and consistency. We value the cleaning process as it will directly affect the sensation of treated patients if any foreign matters remain on the needles. We clean the needles using specific solutions in a controlled environment.

Grinding/Polishing-uniformity technology

Throughout our history, our company has been researching, innovating, and perfecting our needle tip designs. It is through the fusion of passion, engineering craftsmanship and technology that we are able to continuously improve our products and produce the highest quality needles in the world.

Cleaning process

It is very important to thoroughly clean a needle to remove any foreign substances left over from manufacturing. Our cleaning process is very involved using acid, alkaline, ultrasonic and distilled water baths in extremely regulated environments

Precise injection molding technology 

Through many years of experience and technological improvements, we are able to securely connect the needle shaft to the exact center of the needle handle. This helps facilitate steady needle insertion and result in less damage of the tissue as the needle is twisted to stimulate the acupuncture point.

Sterility Guarantee

We guarantee the sterility of our products using EOG (ethylene oxide gas) sterilization processes. Furthermore, we have achieved a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, demonstrating that our sterilization process meets extremely high sterility standards.


A record of the manufacturing details of each needle including information about the shipment, sterilization history and stainless steel wire information can be traced by the lot number and expiration date. These are printed during the packaging process on the backside of the blister pack of each needle. Products lacking clear lot traceability will not be permitted to enter circulation or distribution even if the product passes our shipment inspection.

Seirin Elipeas Cosmetic Acupuncture Needles

Jul 15, 2023
Seirin Elipeas Cosmetic Acupuncture Needles
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Revolutionary Design. Feel the Difference.

Introducing SEIRIN Elipeas! Shortest needle SEIRIN ever made!

The SEIRIN Elipeas Acupuncture Needle is a revolutionary needle designed for auricular, facial, scalp, hand, and scar treatment acupuncture. The first of its kind, created with an entirely new 7mm length needle, allowing for easy insertion in site locations that are difficult to treat, specifically lateral and superficial points. The non-silicone tip is made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel, for smooth, safe insertion you can only expect from SEIRIN.

The Elipeas needle has a flat shaped handle, engineered and contoured in the shape of a pea to cleverly reduce the needle weight by 52% enabling effective needle retention and optimising patient comfort. Minimal material is used for packaging without compromising on its safety, quality and functionality in containing acupuncture needles.

Highly recommended for Auricular, Cosmetic, Facial and Scar tissue acupuncture. 

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