ASC-900 Walk-through Shoe Cleaning Machine

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ASC-900 Walk-through Shoe Cleaning Machine Shoe Cleaning Machine Hygiene Equipment

Heavy Duty Shoe Cleaning Machine ASC-900

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ASC900 Product Description

The sole cleaning model ASC-900 with channel design cleaning platform applied latest technology and configured with internal circulated water tank and 800mm cleaning length nylon brushes platform which offer fast and efficient shoe sole cleaning. User stand on the cleaning stage, the brushes will rotate to clean the shoe soles. It is suitable for installation in a dust-free workshop and clean rooms environment to effectively remove dirt and pollution from shoe soles of an entrance.

Function and Features
  1. Channel platform is 800mm length
  2. 120 W high efficiency motor drive
  3. Powerful sewage pump for long term efficiency, which can lift up to 30m
  4. Induction sensor for start/stop
  5. Water supply control by water level switch. Enable circulated use when water tank is full.

Working principle:
  1. Motor drive the 6 sets of brushes on the clean stage, the brushes bring the water from water tank
  2. User stand on the clean stage, the brushes rotate to clean the shoe soles
  1. Need a flat and smooth floor indoor or outdoor, to put the machine.
  2. Need water supply and drainage pipe for hose connection
  3. Need power supply 220VAC

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