Seirin Elipeas Cosmetic Acupuncture Needles

15 Jul 2023
Seirin Elipeas Cosmetic Acupuncture Needles
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Revolutionary Design. Feel the Difference.

Introducing SEIRIN Elipeas! Shortest needle SEIRIN ever made!

The SEIRIN Elipeas Acupuncture Needle is a revolutionary needle designed for auricular, facial, scalp, hand, and scar treatment acupuncture. The first of its kind, created with an entirely new 7mm length needle, allowing for easy insertion in site locations that are difficult to treat, specifically lateral and superficial points. The non-silicone tip is made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel, for smooth, safe insertion you can only expect from SEIRIN.

The Elipeas needle has a flat shaped handle, engineered and contoured in the shape of a pea to cleverly reduce the needle weight by 52% enabling effective needle retention and optimising patient comfort. Minimal material is used for packaging without compromising on its safety, quality and functionality in containing acupuncture needles.

Highly recommended for Auricular, Cosmetic, Facial and Scar tissue acupuncture. 

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By Dr. Michell Gellis from America
Michelle Gellis's Facial Acupuncture Classes Web site
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